Microsoft officially pushes Windows 11


Today, Microsoft announced that it has begun to push Windows 11. Eligible Windows 10 PCs will be upgraded to Windows 11 for free, and new PCs pre-installed with Windows 11 will also be launched one after another.

According to Microsoft’s official introduction, as Windows 11 devices are launched globally, users can obtain Windows 11 in the following ways: 

·Purchase new OEM PCs with Windows 11 pre-installed;

·Purchase a Windows 10 PC that supports Windows 11 and meets the free upgrade conditions;

·Use the computer health check application to check your current Windows 10 PC and confirm whether it meets the conditions for a free upgrade.

It is understood that from the new “Start” menu and taskbar, to every sound, font and icon, Windows 11 brings users a more modern, neat and beautiful, and refreshing experience.

The “Start” menu of Windows 11 has a centered design, allowing users to quickly access the content and applications they need. At the same time, with the powerful features of the cloud and Microsoft 365, users can see the documents they have recently viewed or edited in the Start menu, no matter which device they have previously processed these documents on, even on an Android or On iOS devices, the “Start” menu still gives users a clear view.

Chat based on Microsoft Teams technology will bring users a completely new experience, bringing them closer to the people they care about. Regardless of whether they are using a Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device or platform, they can instantly connect with their contacts via Chat, voice or video calls with just one click. Users can also get the information they care about faster through the personalized prompt function of the new Widgets driven by AI. 

The new Microsoft Store brings together users’ favorite applications and entertainment items here. Through the selection and collection, the Microsoft Store can make it easier to search and discover new content. Now, new applications such as Canva, Disney+, Zoom and Epic Game Store from partners have been launched in the Microsoft Store.

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