Should I be a UX planner?

You can find the answer from the following 3-minute self-test!
User experience (UX) plans are a deliberate category. Because it is called UX “plan”, it is easy to think that only planners with traditional plans or artistic scenes are in this category. However, in the real world, I see that many talented UX planners come from different backgrounds, including trade, engineering, physiology, and even youth.
The UX plan has a wide range of its own, it includes but does not cover the software UX plan, hardware UX plan and service UX plan. Therefore, this category requires not only professional staff with hard skills, but also a lot of soft skills. This means that the user experience planner is probably an expert and a versatile professional.
I discussed “What is a UX planner?” Funding readers to better understand what a user experience plan is. In this article, I want to invite you to hold a 3-minute self-diagnostic test, which will output an evaluation report for you, including your personal characteristics, and how it matches with becoming a competent user experience planner. After the test is completed, I will check each feature/characteristically, and then give the report effect together.
Let’s do a quick and fun self-diagnosis test to answer each question separately, and write down the corresponding score according to your response:
1 point: very different
2 points: different
3 points: agree
4 points: strongly agree with

Department  A

I easily show others what I know.
·Whenever I hear or see a sad story, I easily become sentimental.
· I find it easy to look at problems from the perspective of others.
·My good friends often tell me their problems.
·I can quickly recognize the motivation/reliability of others.

Department B

When a problem arises in actual survival, the reason is more tense than the effect.
·When purchasing or engaging in a job, more than one hour of research is required.
· No matter what I do, it is stressful to know how to do it in the most useful way.
·I can easily put forward ideas or opinions from any example data.
·When difficult or unexpected things happen, I always handle it faster than others.

Department C

·I keep trying to be an early adopter of the latest products.
· I can easily discover the changes around me, including people, culture, trends, etc.
· I heard that in the near future we will survive with dull people, which will be very interesting in black and white.
· I am easily tired of mediocre survival and trying to make changes.
·I will soon understand and integrate into the new/foreign culture or institution

Department D

. Compared with working alone, mutual assistance will make me feel better.
· I have no difficulty in persuading others to take my point of view.
·If I don’t know what happened, I am willing to seek funding from unfamiliar people.
· I can easily get along with strangers.
·Even if your friends or colleagues are in a bad mood, you can make them feel better soon by speaking.

Department  E.

There are some products, I use it only because of its planned beauty, not its function.
· I have my dream equipment, I think I will have it someday.
·When choosing a notepad, the cover and color are more tense than the price.
· I am very sensitive to color matching and color change.
·I can’t tolerate any elements
that smash the alignment of the system. Let us conclude that if you get a score above 70 in this test, you probably already have the qualities that make you more engaged in UX planning. But if your score is below 70, don’t be discouraged. I guarantee that your pride, ideals, and purpose are more tense than these characters.

The following are the five qualities assessed by this self-diagnostic test:
your following skills
-analytical skills
-mutual assistance skills
-plan sensitivity

The test of department A is related to your empathy. As the term “user experience” implies, planners must fully understand the user’s feelings. Even if you have completely different characteristics from those of the focused users, try to be as positive as possible for them, fully understand their feelings is also very nervous. If you are a person who always cares about what happened around you, probably someone who listens to others’ opinions, these qualities will be very costly when you work as a UX planner.

Analytical Skills
The test of department B corresponds to your analytical skills. It is this ability that prompts you to automatically explore the source of the problem and propose a practical plan management solution, that is, the method of handling the problem. It’s stressful to accept the perspectives of automation, reviewing data, thinking about the market environment, and listening to differences. This ability to integrate all the constituent departments — user topics, market environment, and technical feasibility — into the plan management plan is a huge plus for a user experience planner.

The compliance department C test corresponds to your compliance skills. There is no doubt that the user experience program category is fast-paced. In the past two years, as soon as I entered this category, I learned more than ten new tools. This has never happened in my previous professional life. In addition, the market is very agile. With new skills and ideas appearing in various situations every day, as a UX planner, it is very nervous to pay attention to how they should appear to users, so that users can really use them. Therefore, the ability to quickly adapt to the situation and maintain a passion for learning new things is probably a necessary part of the UX planner’s quality.

Collaborative skills
Department D corresponds to your mutual assistance skills. In order to improve collaborative obedience, communication is the key. As I mentioned in another article earlier, the UX program is a profession that is necessary to hold a lot of face-to-face interactions with a variety of people. You must always work with your team, hold back-to-back meetings with relevant staff multiple times, defend your plan, and convince people to follow your plan decisions when necessary. Therefore, if you like to work as a team and you like to have positive interactions with people, then this will be a good plus for a UX planner.
The sensitivity of the plan corresponds to your ability to have a good vision of the plan. Although many user experience planners do not come from the traditional planning background, but many people who have achieved success in the field of user experience planning have a sophisticated aesthetic or planning feeling. Taking myself as an example, even though I come from an unplanned background, I am often told that I have a good sense of planning. As a UX planner, this job must involve realistic plans and processes, so if you have a good vision of the plan and are a person who is very sensitive to the plan, I believe this is also a competent UX plan The teacher’s good character.

At the time of writing this article, I interviewed several planners and asked them to do this test: I found that most planners are very strong in the two or three characters mentioned above, and most of the other characters All feel very comfortable.
Through this article, I hope that you will have the opportunity to learn
1) the character that is very tense for UX planners
2) how your personal character is appropriate in this category, so that you can find your biggest advantage as a UX planner.

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