Dynamic Auto-Weighing Scales: A Revolution in Package Weight Checking

Dynamic automatic weight checking scales have become an essential component in various industries that involve the packaging and processing of products. These advanced weighing systems provide accurate, efficient, and reliable weight measurements, leading to improved productivity and quality assurance. Incorporated with advanced technology, these scales offer a high level of automation, enabling them to quickly…

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What are the differences between AGV trolleys and traditional handling methods?

As the labor cost in our country becomes higher, the application of AGV cars is becoming more and more extensive, making intelligent robots an inevitable trend. Use smart AGV trolleys to solve the problem of substantial increase in labor costs and difficulty in recruiting. AGV trolleys can also reduce the proportion of logistics costs in the production…

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What problems should be paid attention to when selecting an encoder

Three parameters should be paid attention to in the selection of incremental rotary encoder: (1) Mechanical installation dimensions, including positioning stop, shaft diameter, installation hole position; cable outlet method; installation space volume; whether the working environment protection level meets the requirements. (2) Resolution, that is, the number of pulses output per revolution when the encoder…

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The design and parameters of a small warehouse manipulator

Realize the automatic discharge of various materials, automatic retrieval, automatic planning of material storage locations, and realize efficient material discharge and retrieval. Function Description:    (1) The front end of the three-dimensional warehouse can be equipped with a smart trolley to deliver materials to the edge of the designated roller.    (2) The drum line…

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Introduction to the mechanical principle of six-axis manipulator palletizer

The automatic palletizer is an automatic complete set of equipment that automatically palletizes cartons, plastic boxes, barrel-shaped packages, and bag-shaped packages according to certain rules and methods. The six-axis manipulator palletizer is suitable for chemical, beverage, food, beer, plastic, air-conditioning and other production enterprises to box and palletize finished products of various shapes such as cartons,…

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Product features of high-position palletizer

Modern industrial production needs to be improved in terms of production capacity and cost control, which promotes the rapid development of production and packaging automation. High-position palletizers came into being. The equipment is used for packaging and shipping behind the packaging scale. The front of the machine can be equipped with sub-packing machines, cartoning machines,…

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Wide applicability of fully automatic palletizing robot equipment

The production of fully automatic palletizing manipulators is not as simple as the production of general standard equipment. The production of general standard equipment can be completed according to specific regulations and production processes. Non-standard equipment needs to be independently designed according to the specific use place, industry characteristics, and purpose. There is no specific…

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Palletizing robot equipment used in the beer industry

Palletizing robot equipment in the beer industry is an important link connecting beer packaging and warehousing, and is very important in beer production logistics. The fully automatic beer packing and palletizing robot greatly improves the palletizing efficiency. Beer palletizers are mainly used to carry beer boxes, mainly to replace heavy physical work. After the beer…

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Analysis of the ease of use of the automatic destacker

The automatic depalletizer is suitable for chemical, beverage, food, plastic and other production enterprises to pack and palletize finished products of various shapes such as cartons, bags, and boxes. What are the characteristics of the destacker? Next, let me give you a brief introduction to some of the conveniences that the depalletizer brings to the…

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How palletizing robots liberate human labor

With the continuous changes in the global economic competition pattern and the market, the manufacturing industry is facing new challenges. Factories and enterprises not only have to face the crisis of the disappearance of the demographic dividend, but also deal with rapidly changing market demands. At present, more and more consumer markets have put forward…

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What are the stacking methods of high-position palletizing robots

Palletizers are one of the indispensable packaging machinery in current assembly line production. Its main function is to better palletize products, ensure normal packaging and handling, thereby reducing labor costs. The compressive strength is high, the stability is good, and the calculation is more accurate and reasonable. The stacking strength and compressive strength of corrugated…

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Types, guidance methods and applications of AGV

Automated Guided Vehicle is abbreviated as AGV, usually also called AGV. It refers to a transport vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance devices that can travel along a prescribed guidance path, with safety protection and various transfer functions. In industrial applications A truck that does not require a driver, and uses a rechargeable battery as its power source.

From automated guided vehicles to autonomous mobile robots, where is the change?

Whether it is a large enterprise or a small enterprise, internal logistics automation is a difficult problem that often needs to be faced. If you can automate material transportation, why waste staff resources? Why not invest staff resources in higher value work? By automating material transportation, companies can optimize productivity and schedule delivery more effectively, thereby reducing bottlenecks in internal manufacturing.

What is a four-way shuttle?

Four-way shuttle car-is an intelligent robot that realizes “goods to people” sorting. Through programming to achieve tasks such as storage and transportation, it can be perfectly integrated with the logistics information system (WCS/WMS) to realize automatic identification, access and other functions. It uses advanced super capacitor power supply method, which greatly improves the equipment’s energy utilization rate.

The rise and development of robots in China

China is in an important position in the international manufacturing industry, manufacturing technology is facing upgrade, and economic development is facing transformation. The increase in labor costs has made robot technology an important development opportunity in China, but the demand for robots in turn has put forward higher requirements for computer-related scientific research.

Why is it difficult to achieve “de-Chinese”?

At present, the issue of “de-globalization”, which is hotly debated by Chinese public opinion, is largely related to the issue of “decoupling” or “de-sinicization” of the West and China. Many people expressed concern about “de-globalization”, in fact they are worried about the negative impact of “de-sinicization” on China’s own interests, and such concerns are not unreasonable.