Interaction design is not just about solving business problems

“Problem solving” is a generalization of many people’s definitions of design. Specifically in the field of product/interaction design, it is also a very basic and important requirement to have a deep understanding of the business and propose appropriate solutions. But for user experience/interaction designers, I feel that “understanding business” and “problem solving” are not enough to…

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What is an excellent user interface design

Today I will share with you some of Good UI’s experience in design and operation strategies acquired in some projects. (PS.Good UI is a design agency that studies user experience.) Today, I will share with you some of Good UI’s experience in design and operation strategies acquired in some projects. This is a dry product that I…

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The difference between UI designer and visual designer

There is a common phenomenon in China’s Internet industry. Some product managers know that they should develop easy-to-use interactive products, but they still do not clear what specific skills are needed. And many UI designers in China nowadays turn from visual designers. As a result, product managers do not understand the difference between visual designers and UI designers. The…

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Should I be a UX planner?

The UX plan has a wide range of its own, it includes but does not cover the software UX plan, hardware UX plan and service UX plan. Therefore, this category requires not only professional staff with hard skills, but also a lot of soft skills. This means that the user experience planner is probably an expert and a versatile professional. 

Why does your icon look uncomfortable?

How to create visual balance: correct size + visual alignment + perfect rounded corner decoration. Our eyes are strange and often mislead us. But if you know the particularity of human vision, you can build a better design. In the 1920s, Gestalt’s visual perception theory was developed. It explains how our eyes process different images and how…

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What is the difference between front-end and UI design

The so-called UI planning: userinterfacedesigner user interface planning, UI planning includes five modules: idea hand-painting, plane planning, web front-end planning, multi-screen interface planning, and work planning. 1. Conceptual hand-painting: firstly learn the interface (UI) hand-painting, idea composition, idea color and other module courses, so that students can improve the interface modeling and hand-painting expressiveness, and deepen…

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How does a senior UX designer gain insight into user behavior?

Understanding users is an important prerequisite for product design. Today’s article comes from Adam Fard, a senior senior product designer in Europe. Adam has extensive experience in user research, user behavior analysis, and dismantling of requirements. He also has deep enough knowledge of gamification and visual design. He once served well-known companies such as Samsung Electronics,…

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