Why don't electric vehicles add gearboxes to solve the problem of high-speed energy consumption

Why don’t electric vehicles add gearboxes to solve the problem of high-speed energy consumption

Traditional gasoline vehicles must be equipped with a gearbox to drive normally, so as to be suitable for driving at various speeds and maintain fuel economy and power output. However, new energy-electric vehicles do not have gearboxes. Strictly speaking, electric vehicles also have gearboxes. Are Electric Vehicle Transmissions Necessary? After a hundred years of history […]

The crisis is not limited to giants

In 2022, the number one keyword in the Internet industry is no longer competition. In the Internet bull market that has lasted for more than ten years, several giants quickly attacked the city and conquered the territory under the flourish of capital, and even burned the flames of war on the green vegetables that cost […]

Five things not to buy in 2023

The past year has been one full of contradictions. With the recession drum beating, rising interest rates and a sharp sell-off in the stock market, retail sales have risen 6.5% over the past 12 months, trailing a 7.1% increase in the cost of living. There are plenty of reasons to cut spending in 2023, and […]

Experience Design

Thoughts: About User Experience Design

I am a wild PM in a second-tier city. This article is a summary of user experience since I was a product manager. Welcome to discuss. But based on my own knowledge, I have no intention of competing for superiority or inferiority. After all, looking back at the first article now, although I personally feel […]

The art of developing products

In this article, the author of this article introduces his own product development experience and tools used. Their approach is to continuously communicate with stakeholders on a weekly basis and conduct “sprints” again and again. Of course, we can also compare the approach of the project management software company Basecamp.

Principles and standards of clean environment

What are the principles of a clean environment? In many fields of FA, represented by the electronic components ・ assembly industry, which is constantly evolving with miniaturization and high integration, and the pharmaceuticals ・ food industry that have an impact on the human body, a clean environment is required. This special feature will illustrate clean environment […]

They hire us, we design products

Should it be aimed at products and users with a down-to-earth structured experience, or should the boss, judges or other designers create beautiful “works” with the aesthetics of the boss, judges or other designers as the goal? As interface designers of digital products, we are in an interesting period. The industry is relatively young, and many […]

3D design model of a AGV carrier car download

AGV with a two-layer belt conveyor system. Automated guided delivery of goods. 3D design model of a AGV carrier car A02 There are four main advantages of using AGV car automatic transportation tool: reduce the dependence on manpower, improve productivity, increase safety, and save floor space. The solution is mainly used for automatic transportation of […]

As a product manager, I want to talk about product optimization

In different product life stages, products have a manifestation that is suitable for each current stage. Therefore, it is not accurate to simply look at the product’s “good user experience”. For example, in the initial online version of a product, among the three elements of function, progress, and experience, the only thing that can be sacrificed first […]

Interaction design is not just about solving business problems

“Problem solving” is a generalization of many people’s definitions of design. Specifically in the field of product/interaction design, it is also a very basic and important requirement to have a deep understanding of the business and propose appropriate solutions. But for user experience/interaction designers, I feel that “understanding business” and “problem solving” are not enough to […]

What is needed for a good product that is loved by others?

Open the mobile phone’s application store, you will find a wide range of products in it, dazzling and dizzying. There are a total of 1.5 million products in Apple’s app store, and a large number of products can be provided to users, but there are usually only a few apps in the user’s mobile phone. This […]

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