Why do people quickly widen the gap once they reach 30?

This is not alarmism, but reality.

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When they were in their 20s, everyone had just walked out of school, and their lives were almost the same, doing similar jobs and holding similar wages, but by the age of 30, everything seemed to be different.

Some people have soaring careers and suddenly become leaders in a certain field. They are all in contact with the elite. The circle of friends is always traveling abroad and luxury car villas.

Some people are struggling to cope with long mortgages, expensive milk powder money, and high living expenses. Although they are also excellent, they are not appreciated by the leaders. Although they work hard every day, their lives do not seem to have improved qualitatively.

Why do people quickly widen the gap once they reach 30?

How did the gap between people widen?

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The difference between people lies mainly in the way of thinking.

The famous marketing expert Lu Changquan once said a very philosophical saying: “Life is only one word-sell!”

It means that everyone has their unique value, and only those who can find and amplify their “selling point” can stand out and succeed in a complex world!

There is a little story that is very enlightening:

In Surrey, England, there is a car washer named Paul, who is known as “the most car wash in the world . 

Car wash is a fiercely competitive “Red Sea Market” in the local area, and most car washers have only very thin profits. But Paul is different. He charges US$7,700, which is about 50,000 yuan, for a car wash, and there are still many customers.

How did he do it?

The answer is: He differentiates himself and focuses his selling point on “luxury cars.” To this end, he specially built high-end car washing equipment, and promoted in the advertisement: do not wash ordinary cars, only high-end coupes and luxury cars.

Why do people quickly widen the gap once they reach 30?

It is such a simple approach that distinguishes Paul from the value of other car washers and stands out among many colleagues. Almost all luxury cars will find him to make an appointment for a car wash, and he has earned a very substantial income.

Paul’s way of thinking is different, and his differentiated positioning is actually a way of marketing thinking.

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What is marketing thinking?

Marketing thinking lies in knowing yourself and knowing your products.

Every person and every brand has its own identity and positioning. The essence of marketing thinking is to find the unique value of your individual or product and amplify it.

In this society, excellent people are all over the streets, and there are countless companies selling the same products as you. If you don’t have marketing thinking, then your value will be hard to be seen by the public.

Your abilities are excellent, but you can’t get the appreciation you deserve. In the final analysis, you don’t know how to market yourself, how to highlight your advantages, and let the outside world have a positive perception of you!

Why do people quickly widen the gap once they reach 30?

It is not an exaggeration to say that marketing thinking is a way of thinking for ordinary people to break through social competition and change destiny.

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Successful people generally have marketing thinking.

Those big bosses in the business world are mostly from the frontline of marketing. Many of them are ordinary people with ordinary backgrounds, but in the end they counterattack and become business giants.

Marketing thinking has forged their outstanding vision and judgment, and can see market competition more clearly!

If you are an ordinary person, you have to learn marketing thinking.

Most of us come to this world without a very big background. Unlike the king who was born with a golden key, Dad always has a small goal of “one hundred million”.

You can start from nothing, but you can’t be defenseless. Marketing thinking can be your weapon to navigate the world.

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