Product managers, are you ready to “fall in love” with your users?

Today, when the product is king, big companies will be even more miserable if they make bad products. Once a small start-up company polishes a high-quality product, it is entirely possible to stand out and become the darling of capital, even if it may eventually Will stand in line with one of BAT, but to a certain extent it is also a kind of “counterattack.”

Some people say that it is easy to fall in love, and there are an endless stream of people who are in love. Others say that it is complicated to fall in love, and the complexity stems from the complexity of human nature; some people say that it is simple to make Internet products, and the product design framework summarized by various senior PMs allows you Quickly and clearly understand how to design excellent products. Some people say that it is very complicated to make Internet products. When encountering specific complex situations, those framework methods are just like decorations, and they are of little help to you. In my opinion, the simplicity and complexity of everything are dialectically unified, and our mental maturity requires a process. The complexity of one stage may become the simplicity of another stage.

Making a product is a matching process between a product and a user. Falling in love is a process of matching between men and women. The prerequisite for a matching relationship between the two parties is based on a common demand, product goals (strategic goals, business goals, etc.) ) And the needs of the user group need to have a match to produce a match, and men and women also need common needs (the same authenticity) to connect. Products and user groups are diverse, and men and women are also diverse and complex as human beings. Therefore, the connection points between the two parties are also various, and they are all worth exploring.

After connecting based on certain points, the user’s first impression of the product becomes very important. Whether the interface style conforms to their own aesthetics, whether the operation is smooth, and whether the details are exquisite enough, will all affect the user’s first impression of the product. Impression, which determines whether it will be used for a long time, and also determines the next-day or weekly retention of the product; the same is true between men and women. In today’s face-seeking society, if the appearance cannot attract others, it may even have the opportunity to meet next time. It’s gone, or the first impression on others is not good, it will be passed away, or vague feelings and feelings (including hobbies, etc.), the sentence “not feeling for you” is not worth the damage Yu “You are a good person.”

In short, the “initial impression” is the first funnel for making products and dating. To pass this funnel, the product needs to understand the target user group’s preferences for the interface through user research, and find a balance between user preferences and product positioning. At the same time, continue to polish the details of the interaction, and strive to make users like you for the first time; and between men and women, you need to design your own image, clarify the image you like, and tap your target users (you The boys and girls you like), find the fit point, keep polishing your own image, keep trying and making mistakes, and find the style that suits you best.

After passing the “initial impression” pass, users will maintain a stable relationship with your product, and new users will be converted into ordinary users . As time goes by, the user’s focus on the product is no longer limited to the appearance of the product. It goes deep into deep needs. If a user’s needs continue to exist, and the product can continue to meet the user’s needs, then the user will have continuous motivation to use your product, and the relationship between the user and the product will gradually upgrade, from ordinary users to loyalty Users , the value of such users to the product is self-evident.

After passing the first funnel between men and women, they progress from the ordinary friend stage to the ambiguous stage. As the mutual understanding deepens, the focus of both parties is not only on appearance and feeling, but will gradually deepen to the three levels of perception. Some people also refer to some objective conditions (family background, work, geographic location, etc.), whether they can cross the ambiguous stage of love and enter the stage of formal love. The fit of these deep feelings is very important. In essence, it is like a product- The relationship between users is the same. Both parties can continue to provide each other with what the other wants (mostly from the spiritual level), and the relationship will be further upgraded.

In the funnel of “deep feeling”, it is the process of products from 1 to 100, and the process of warming up the relationship between men and women. At this stage, both sides will put aside the superficial things (skin) and penetrate into the spiritual and psychological essence of the other party (nuclear). , The core of the product will fade away and the gorgeous coat will be exposed in front of users. To enhance the fundamental value of the product requires the entire team to polish from all aspects, and convert ordinary users into loyal users as much as possible (regardless of the reasonable user level distribution), people are the same In this way, whether a deep-seated mutual attraction can be produced is determined by the deep-seated nature of the individual.

After in-depth communication and contact, the initial freshness has been worn out for a long time. At this time, the product cannot use mechanical methods to try to lock the user, but needs to occupy the user’s mind through the accumulation of iterations and achieve the desired positioning of the product goal. . Either feelings or culture or attitude, an invisible carrier is always needed to precipitate a kind of emotional precipitation that is exclusive to the product in the hearts of users , like WeChat, Weibo, Douban, Zhihu, mention the name of this product , Users have a special emotion in their hearts, and over time, this emotion will become stronger and stronger like wine. Maybe you haven’t opened it for a long time, but the traces it left you can never be erased . The same is true for the traces left by lovers in each other’s hearts. Emotional positioning often means how strong the relationship is. From ancient times to the present, there has never been a lack of evocative love stories. The power of those emotional positioning has already transcended everything in the world in the hearts of lovers. From ancient times to the present, there is no lack of ignorance and ignorance, but in essence, it only shows that the precipitation of emotions is not enough, or the outside world has interfered with the final precipitation value of emotions.

Finally, the relationship between users and products will eventually come to a crossroad. Whether a product is heading for recession or secondary growth depends on the core advantage of the product or barriers to competition. Just need + high barriers to competition + brand positioning , then the product is natural It will not easily go into recession, but if you do not satisfy any of them, the recession period is a stage that every product cannot avoid. In addition, the user group is not static. Users in each era have their own distinctive characteristics and preferences. The user group targeted by the product’s “initial heart” will also change over time, so the responsiveness of product design and demand Sensitive grasp is the key to avoiding recession.

Men and women also feel that there are cycles. At certain critical points, if they are affected by the outside world or themselves, the hearts of both parties will fluctuate and produce an “initial crack”, just like a product has been changed due to a certain change (affected by company strategy, market and other factors) ) Causes emotional “cracks” in the user’s mind. The final emotional rupture is due to these small “cracks” at the beginning. If the two parties allow the “cracks” to expand, no matter how strong the relationship is, it will not be able to withstand such a test. Therefore, whether it is between the product, the user or the lover, regularly repair the “crack”, go deep into the root cause of the “crack”, and curb it from the source, then the relationship between the two parties will be maintained in a stable range and will be postponed indefinitely during the cycle. The appearance of a recession (ideal situation).

BAT’s products were born as “high, rich and handsome”, sitting on resources, channels and brand endorsements, users will use it without any reason due to inertia, while other “Diaosi” entrepreneurial teams have no resources, no channels, and nothing. Brand endorsement can only work hard through its own efforts in the subdivisions that the giants have not divided up. However, the market is fair, and products are king today. If a large company produces a bad product, it will be even more miserable. Once a small start-up company has polished a high-quality product, it is entirely possible to stand out and become a capital enthusiast. The darling, even if he might end up with one of BAT, to a certain extent, it can be regarded as a kind of “counterattack.”

(Of course the situations stated above are the most common and normal situations, and other abnormal situations are not considered)

Finally, I want to say that the most important thing about making products and falling in love is to verify in time. While thinking, you need to verify your ideas with the idea of ​​”lean entrepreneurship”, try and error with minimal cost, and find the right product form (love).

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