What is the difference between front-end and UI design

What is the difference between front-end and UI design

The so-called UI planning: userinterfacedesigner user interface planning, UI planning includes five modules: idea hand-painting, plane planning, web front-end planning, multi-screen interface planning, and work planning.

1. Conceptual hand-painting: firstly learn the interface (UI) hand-painting, idea composition, idea color and other module courses, so that students can improve the interface modeling and hand-painting expressiveness, and deepen the understanding of planning standards and the flow of idea assignments. Talent with hand-drawn icons and hand-drawn low-fidelity interface prototypes.

2. Plan planning: It is mainly set up for the students who have basic knowledge in zero planning (the students who have basic knowledge can apply for it). The learning content includes enterprise VI planning, enterprise album planning, floor planning, and post-printing. The learning stuff is PS, AI, coreldraw. After finishing this section, you can engage in most plane planning assignments.

3. Web front-end planning: In this stage we will learn web interface planning, PC client software interface planning, (X) HTML / HTML5 speech, CSS style sheets, layout skills and browser compatibility and other skills.

4. Multi-screen interface planning: This stage is the real central place for UI planning. The learning content includes: four mainstream style icon planning, interactive planning, mobile interface planning, and learning things have been further expanded to: AxureRP, Android, iOS. After completing the course, you will be able to engage in professional UI planning.

5. Work planning: This course mainly learns the Internet development process, business planners ‘work planning, business planner’s excellent book packaging and implementation, and business planners’ business interviews to improve the nature of induction and practical job search skills. Improvement, writing, interviewing, so that students can be more professional and proud to face the enterprise.

What is a web front-end development engineer? What kind of course is this?

With the development of the Internet, the more and more the system of the Internet, the more and more cluttered, users are not satisfied with the requirements of basic functions, and the experience of the Internet is becoming higher and higher. The interaction between the client and the server is no longer a simple page and page interaction. It becomes a page and page + program + data interaction, during which the process of interacting with and understanding with the customer is completed by the web front-end engineer. At this time, the web front-end engineer is born. With the higher user requirements for experience and interaction, the more the system functions The clutter, the more important the job of a web front-end engineer.

We often hear user experience, so what is user experience? This does not need to be specifically answered, that is, you can add user stay time to attract users to continue reading the page. What the web front-end development engineers and web planners and app interface planners of UI planning training courses need to do is to beautify the page and complete the company image. In addition to showing and functioning, users can improve their experience a lot, so that they can complete their true value.

All in all, the web front-end belongs to the programming technology category, all have a greater connection with the front-end of the page, and are relatively short-term talents in the current society, and all we need is to choose the courses you want to learn, and learn as much as possible Let it work for you.

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