As a product manager, I want to talk about product optimization

In different product life stages, products have a manifestation that is suitable for each current stage. Therefore, it is not accurate to simply look at the product’s “good user experience”. For example, in the initial online version of a product, among the three elements of function, progress, and experience, the only thing that can be sacrificed first…

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Maslow’s demand hierarchy behind product design

American psychologist Maslow once put forward the theory of human needs hierarchy. He divided human needs from low to high into five categories: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, respect needs and self-actualization needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has pointed out an effective way for us to analyze the needs behind the product. For any product…

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What is an excellent user interface design

Today I will share with you some of Good UI’s experience in design and operation strategies acquired in some projects. (PS.Good UI is a design agency that studies user experience.) Today, I will share with you some of Good UI’s experience in design and operation strategies acquired in some projects. This is a dry product that I…

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What is the key point in mold design?

Key points in mold design: 1 Reasonable overall mold layout, 2 parting surface selection, 3 runner arrangement, glue inlet selection, 4 ejection device, 5 water transport arrangement, 6 exhaust selection, 7 parting Pay attention to the draft angle, the extraction of the insert, the treatment of the rubbing angle, and the selection of the shrinkage…

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Safety Design of Stacker

When the cargo platform exceeds the upper limit or lower limit of the working stroke during the lifting process, the main circuit contactor is automatically cut off, and the lifting frequency converter and the lifting motor are forcibly cut off.

What is the difference between front-end and UI design

The so-called UI planning: userinterfacedesigner user interface planning, UI planning includes five modules: idea hand-painting, plane planning, web front-end planning, multi-screen interface planning, and work planning. 1. Conceptual hand-painting: firstly learn the interface (UI) hand-painting, idea composition, idea color and other module courses, so that students can improve the interface modeling and hand-painting expressiveness, and deepen…

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How does a senior UX designer gain insight into user behavior?

Understanding users is an important prerequisite for product design. Today’s article comes from Adam Fard, a senior senior product designer in Europe. Adam has extensive experience in user research, user behavior analysis, and dismantling of requirements. He also has deep enough knowledge of gamification and visual design. He once served well-known companies such as Samsung Electronics,…

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