Take a look at what those American technology companies are doing?


Take a look at what those American technology companies are doing?

As we all know, China and the United States have the world\’s top Internet companies, such as Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon in the United States, and Alibaba, Tencent and JD in China.

But when it comes to the quality of the company, we feel a little sad. Looking at the domestic Internet companies, they are either delivering food, they are doing Internet taxi rides and sharing bicycles, etc. Now that’s good, they still have to do grocery shopping and use According to netizens, do you even want to grab the business of small vendors?

To be honest, Internet giants should have a sense of home and country, think about how to break the technological blockade of Western countries, and expand the territory for the advancement of human science and technology and material civilization! Instead of thinking about grabbing business with the small vendors in the vegetable market!

What are American tech internet companies doing?

According to existing data, China’s overall technological strength ranks second in the world, but it is still far behind the boss, the United States, because many core technologies are in the hands of the United States.

I said before that the reason why the United States is strong is mainly because the United States has technology Internet companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. Just look at the U.S. stocks. These companies are heavyweights in U.S. stocks. The U.S. stock market has been in stock for more than 10 years. The bull market is basically driven by these companies.

Genius to the left, lunatic to the right. Great people don\’t take the usual path. As one sentence says: “Ordinary players follow the standard configuration, while high-end players choose to customize.”

Take Tesla’s Musk. Electric cars were going to die before. It’s just that Musk thinks it’s right to do this. That’s why we see the madness of global new energy vehicles.

Not only electric cars, Musk is also working on space exploration and brain-computer development. To put it bluntly, what they do is too technological!

Take a look at what those American technology companies are doing?

Is the US Internet industry really weak?

I remember Liu Chuanzhi once complained about the United States, saying that the mobile payment of the United States is much worse than that of China.

It is true that our mobile payment is indeed very developed, but it is also based on a huge population base. Mobile payment does facilitate the lives of many people, but it has also given birth to Internet finance, P2P, etc., which have brought us more Or less negative impact.

Why doesn\’t the United States pay attention to the development of mobile payment? Because they value privacy very much, and their credit card market is very developed. To put it bluntly, their finance is better than ours!

You want to say that the mobile payment in the US is not as strong as ours. I recognize it, but you want to say that the Internet in the US is not as developed as ours. Isn\’t that a bit funny? The underlying technology of the Internet is American. Just as Ma Huateng said, don’t look at our mobile development, as long as people push it, nothing will be lost!

Take a look at what those American technology companies are doing?

Is Huawei the Chinese technology leader?

Having said that, when it comes to Chinese technology, it must be said about Huawei.

After more than 30 years of struggle, Huawei has accumulated rich experience in 5G communications, Internet of Things, and Internet of Vehicles. In particular, Huawei’s 5G technology can be said to be global.

In Ren Zhengfei\’s words, the European countries are not stupid. They must use Huawei\’s 5G equipment, because Huawei\’s 5G equipment is the world\’s leader. If they don\’t use it, they will fall behind. May I ask, is there any company in China that can speak such domineering rhetoric?

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