Why don't electric vehicles add gearboxes to solve the problem of high-speed energy consumption

Why don’t electric vehicles add gearboxes to solve the problem of high-speed energy consumption

Traditional gasoline vehicles must be equipped with a gearbox to drive normally, so as to be suitable for driving at various speeds and maintain fuel economy and power output. However, new energy-electric vehicles do not have gearboxes. Strictly speaking, electric vehicles also have gearboxes. Are Electric Vehicle Transmissions Necessary? After a hundred years of history […]

The crisis is not limited to giants

In 2022, the number one keyword in the Internet industry is no longer competition. In the Internet bull market that has lasted for more than ten years, several giants quickly attacked the city and conquered the territory under the flourish of capital, and even burned the flames of war on the green vegetables that cost […]

Five things not to buy in 2023

The past year has been one full of contradictions. With the recession drum beating, rising interest rates and a sharp sell-off in the stock market, retail sales have risen 6.5% over the past 12 months, trailing a 7.1% increase in the cost of living. There are plenty of reasons to cut spending in 2023, and […]

They hire us, we design products

Should it be aimed at products and users with a down-to-earth structured experience, or should the boss, judges or other designers create beautiful “works” with the aesthetics of the boss, judges or other designers as the goal? As interface designers of digital products, we are in an interesting period. The industry is relatively young, and many […]

What is the operation process of the AGV trolley in the smart warehouse?

Nowadays, problems such as low work efficiency, chaotic inventory division, and backward inventory technology are no longer problems that plague enterprise logistics and warehouse management. Smart AGV cars can solve many problems. The following is the operation process of the AGV trolley in the intelligent warehouse: 1. Enter the sorting code panel operation. When the […]

How to start a entrepreneurship smoothly?

In this era, entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to create wealth. Entrepreneurship not only enables founders to reap huge personal wealth, but also adds value to the overall wealth of society. However, starting a business is not easy! Many entrepreneurs do not lack “good ideas”, but also have the tenacity and desire to realize their […]

5 ways to interact with computers in the future

Since the birth of personal computers, the mouse has become a way of interaction between humans and computers. Computers are becoming more and more abundant and mobile, but there is really no change in the way of interaction. Recently, revolutionary products and inventions have brought a whole new human-computer interaction experience. Under the spur of maximum output, […]

Everyone has cognitive impairment

I remember reading such a piece before. Of course, I couldn’t verify the authenticity. I said that there was an emperor in the late Qing Dynasty. One day I chatted with the minister and asked the minister what you had eaten before going to court in the morning. The minister responded truthfully. After eating two […]

Why SolidWorks Starts Slowly

1. Several common reasons for the slow startup of SolidWorks and suggested methods to improve and find out the cause of the slowness. Load third-party plug-ins at startup. These third-party libraries need to be loaded into the SolidWorks core module, so more time is required. Suggestion: Try to close all third-party plug-ins at startup to see […]

Stop internal friction and do useful things

When many readers and friends communicate with me, they think that I have a manuscript, so they are surprised when they hear me say that I write it every Thursday. In fact, there is nothing to be surprised. Every Thursday I will shut myself in the study for a whole day, cut off all phone calls, WeChat, and emails, and write from noon to night until I finish writing.

Intelligent human-computer interaction brings service data intelligence to a new level

The inadvertently “long” 2020 is coming to an end. Recalling that this period will definitely leave a rich and colorful time in the long history. Although there is a sudden “big exam” for the epidemic, it is also accompanied by a “new life” of opportunity: we are now Step into the era of intelligent interaction and at the same time move towards a new starting point for the accelerated development of the digital economy.

Selection and calculation method of stepping motor

Stepping motor is an electromagnetic actuator that can convert digital input pulses into rotation or linear incremental motion. Each input of a pulse motor shaft steps a step angle increment. The total rotation angle of the motor is proportional to the number of input pulses, and the corresponding speed depends on the input pulse frequency. Stepping motor […]

How to use wire strippers

Wire stripper is one of the tools commonly used by internal line electrician, motor repair and instrument electrician. It is used by power supply workers to peel off the surface insulation layer of wire head. Wire stripper can separate the insulation from the wire and prevent electric shock.

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