Intelligent human-computer interaction brings service data intelligence to a new level


The inadvertently “long” 2020 is coming to an end. Recalling that this period will definitely leave a rich and colorful time in the long history. Although there is a sudden “big exam” for the epidemic, it is also accompanied by a “new life” of opportunity: we are now Step into the era of intelligent interaction and at the same time move towards a new starting point for the accelerated development of the digital economy.

It can be seen that, compared with the global trend in 2020, China’s digital economy has shown great resilience and flexibility. Digital technology has transformed the impact of the epidemic into a driving force for economic transformation, stimulating new momentum for economic development. As an important technological driving force of the digital economy, artificial intelligence technology, especially the application and innovation of multi-modal intelligent dialogue and interactive technology, has brought huge opportunities for the upgrading of service digital intelligence.

Take Jingdong 6.18, Jingdong 11.11 and other retail promotions as examples. As the technology cornerstone of Jingdong Group, Jingdong Zhilian Cloud is based on a self-developed intelligent human-computer interaction platform, providing global services in content creation, marketing promotion, pre-sales consulting, and after-sales services. Customers provide a whole new shopping experience.

As a typical application of the world’s top intelligent human-computer interaction platform—JD Smart Customer Service, during the 11.11 promotion period of alone, the cumulative number of people served reached 65.5 million+, which is equivalent to the workload of a customer service team with a size of 1,600 in one year, achieving cost Consultation under control is not alone, which makes the original “human sea strategy” upgraded to “intelligent reception”. Intelligent quality inspection and risk control platform, real-time and comprehensive inspection of customer service personnel service compliance, completed a total of 100 million+ times, escorting JD consumers; the adoption rate of manual reviews of hot events exceeded 80%. Commodity marketing copywriting generation platform, covering 3000+ categories such as JD home appliances, apparel, food, 3C digital, etc., and generating various styles of marketing text; simultaneously applied to the “Discover Good Goods” channel, social e-commerce, and pre-sales shopping guide robot Jingxiao Chi and other scenes. Compared with the human expert, the click rate of AI material exposure is 1.4 times, and the output efficiency is also far higher than the human expert.

All of the above are just the “tip of the iceberg” of the intelligent human-computer interaction platform in the upgrading of service data. JD Zhilian Cloud is still actively deploying. Based on the self-developed universal intelligent human-machine dialogue and interaction platform, it has created a “three-level rocket” product strategy. It focuses on different products through intelligent customer service, intelligent interactive marketing, and intelligent consumer media. Intelligent service scenarios for attributes.

At the Zhiyuan Conference in June 2020, Mr. Zhou Bowen, Chairman of the Technical Committee of JD Group, President of JD Zhilian Cloud, Dean of JD Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, and IEEE Fellow, was with Christopher Manning, Professor of Stanford University and Head of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory It was mentioned in the peak conversation that it is necessary to find an “alternative solution” for the Turing Test, the benchmark for artificial intelligence, that is, the “New Turing Test”, and the introduction of the “AI virtual anchor with goods” test benchmark to solve the original test The crux of the “difficulty to quantify” the plan: Based on the real-time, interactive and strong properties of “live delivery”, it breaks the previous deliberate “identity concealment” presupposition and directly and publicly uses two conversational AIs for live delivery. By counting the quantifiable indicators of how many products can be sold per hour, we can compare which AI dialogue is more attractive, so as to evaluate the intelligence level of dialogue AI. All evaluation indicators can be quantified, and the form is very close to the real world.

Based on the above innovative ideas, JD Zhilian Cloud takes “AI virtual anchor to bring goods” as the starting point, and actively researches and explores the application of intelligent human-computer interaction technology in the field of consumer scene smart media: based on JD Zhilian Cloud self-developed product knowledge graph technology , Product selling point automatic mining technology and multi-modal digital content generation technology, etc., to automatically generate personalized scene-based copywriting for JD’s billion-level products, with live-streaming language style TTS and background music, plus virtual anchors and automatic shopping guides, etc. Technology, is committed to creating a one-stack, 7×24-hour AI live broadcast system with goods. It is hoped that through this system, AI virtual anchors will realize the leap from innovation to commercialization, and turn live streaming into a truly scalable retail format. Judging from the public beta of AI virtual anchors led by JD Zhilian Cloud, with emotional, high naturalness and personification, and natural and smooth human-machine dialogue capabilities, there have been some sessions of the same-level live broadcast with operating traffic exceeding 80% talent.

In the just past JD 11.11 promotion, as the cornerstone of JD Group’s technology, JD Zhilian Cloud provides comprehensive, stable, safe, and reliable technical guarantees, adhering to the vision of “becoming the most trusted provider of smart technology” and exporting More, better, more integrated, and more scene-oriented technologies and services, and hope to be a technology-based enabler of digital intelligence in the service industry, and push digital intelligence to a new level.

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