How to make learning easier through design?

Learning has always been a chore. How to work hard on design to make learning enjoyable? easy to say, hard to do. Intuitively speaking, people usually don’t go all out to learn new knowledge. The survey shows that only 3% of American adults spend time studying in their daily lives. ¹ So it is conceivable: Although a large amount […]

Difficulty with small samples! Don’t be superstitious about data and machine learning. Without data, you have to rely on basic scientific principles.

I am convinced that the reliability theory brings new hope for solving the three major reliability engineering problems of mathematical expression of reliability, the difficulty of small samples and the mystery of the product theorem! The story also starts from the Second World War. During the Second World War, Germany took the lead in the […]

Product Design Methodology|How to Design User Incentive System

What is the user incentive system? In product operation, for the purpose of maintaining the overall healthy development of user scale and activeness, and mobilizing user enthusiasm and continuous activity as the goal, design a set of planable, executable, scalable, and reusable products from the product and operational level. A collection of hierarchical means. Well, […]

How do steel companies all over the world design their official websites

The company’s official website is a window directly facing users, which can play a great role in users’ impressions and is an important display platform for the company. A good website can naturally give users a good impression and even help the company add value. Many traditional industries are currently undergoing transformation and are beginning to […]

Design of double tow bar AGV

AGV is a kind of driverless automatic vehicle with its own power and non-contact guiding device. Its main function is to make the car walk more accurately and stop at the designated place under the computer monitoring according to the path planning and operation requirements, so as to complete a series of operation functions. AGV […]

Design of AGV (automatically guided vehicle)

The ultra-low type latent AGV is lower, which can easily sneak into and tow all kinds of material vehicles; The car is easy to operate and maintain, stable driving, has been widely used in the factory workshop goods handling. Ultra-low type latent traction AGV parameter specifications Body model Ultra-low latency physical dimension L1350*W385 (mm) Way […]

When we are analyzing a product, what are we analyzing

Commenting on a product, everyone can dig out its performance in all aspects, such as whether the user experience is good, whether the function is perfect, whether it solves the user’s pain points, etc… But in this, which one determines the core of the product Competitiveness? Features The function directly affects the user’s operation and […]

Test-driven design

Many designers are used to using their own experience and subjective feelings to propose solutions, but experience and subjective feelings are likely to be wrong. User-centered design needs to be implemented based on objective facts related to user psychology and user behavior, rather than the designer’s “self-reference”. Don’t say “I think…” Many designers are used to […]

User-centric product design will succeed

Today, I was pissed off by 400 calls. Without warning and prior notice, the service was suspended due to insufficient balance. After receiving user feedback, he immediately contacted the customer’s customer service to recharge. However, the service will not be restored immediately after the top-up. It is said that the service is generally restored within 24 hours… […]

Ten good habits to inspire creativity you must know

Lasting creativity does not come from a flash of light or an afternoon of inspiration. We should regard innovation as a daily habit, just like laying a good foundation for everything. At 99U, we have summarized the common characteristics of innovators that are worth learning from many entrepreneurs, researchers, and creative workers, and help everyone cultivate: 1. […]

The essence of simplicity

The essence of “simplicity” does not lie in what elements are used, but it reduces our cognitive burden. When we say that an advertisement is well done, it does not mean that it is brilliantly literary, beautiful in pictures, and outstanding in special effects, but that it can hit the hearts of target audiences in […]

Maslow’s demand hierarchy behind product design

American psychologist Maslow once put forward the theory of human needs hierarchy. He divided human needs from low to high into five categories: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, respect needs and self-actualization needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has pointed out an effective way for us to analyze the needs behind the product. For any product […]

What is an excellent user interface design

Today I will share with you some of Good UI’s experience in design and operation strategies acquired in some projects. (PS.Good UI is a design agency that studies user experience.) Today, I will share with you some of Good UI’s experience in design and operation strategies acquired in some projects. This is a dry product that I […]

What is the operation process of the AGV trolley in the smart warehouse?

Nowadays, problems such as low work efficiency, chaotic inventory division, and backward inventory technology are no longer problems that plague enterprise logistics and warehouse management. Smart AGV cars can solve many problems. The following is the operation process of the AGV trolley in the intelligent warehouse: 1. Enter the sorting code panel operation. When the […]

What is the key point in mold design?

Key points in mold design: 1 Reasonable overall mold layout, 2 parting surface selection, 3 runner arrangement, glue inlet selection, 4 ejection device, 5 water transport arrangement, 6 exhaust selection, 7 parting Pay attention to the draft angle, the extraction of the insert, the treatment of the rubbing angle, and the selection of the shrinkage […]

How to start a entrepreneurship smoothly?

In this era, entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to create wealth. Entrepreneurship not only enables founders to reap huge personal wealth, but also adds value to the overall wealth of society. However, starting a business is not easy! Many entrepreneurs do not lack “good ideas”, but also have the tenacity and desire to realize their […]

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