5G accelerates cloud network integration


In cloud-network integration, the cloud is cloud computing, and the network is the communication network. Cloud computing includes computing capabilities, storage capabilities, and related software and hardware; communication networks include all aspects of telecommunication networks such as access networks, bearer networks, and core networks. The ability of cloud-network integration and ready-to-use networks supports the development of cloud computing. The concept of cloud computing is used to optimize network resources and realize that the network changes agilely with the needs of application services. The cloud network infrastructure is the integration of resources based on the network and the cloud as the core, and then realizes the infrastructure of the network moving with the cloud and the cloud network integration.

With the accelerated development of the industrial Internet, large and medium enterprise customers and industry customers have become the main driving force for the growth of the cloud computing market. The popularization of enterprise cloud access brings more types and larger-scale private line connections, and it is necessary to add a variety of flexible cloud access and inter-cloud networking, and continue to promote the network reconstruction of operators. Cloud-network integration has become the industry consensus . For example, in industry and manufacturing, more and more rely on intelligent components and Internet control technology. The advent of the 5G communication era, coupled with cloud-network integration technology, can further promote industry and manufacturing, and solve the needs of production links and information migration. Through the side-cloud collaboration, the workshop and even the assembly line can achieve mutual linkage, thereby further achieving the effect of control coordination.

Cloud-network convergence is a concept that emerged in the 4G era, but 5G has created better conditions for cloud-network convergence. With the characteristics of high speed, large capacity, low latency, and full cloudification of the core network, 5G is an important driving force for the deep integration of cloud and network. 5G accelerates cloud-network integration, and cloud-network integration gives more meaning to 5G.

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