How to use wire strippers


Wire stripper is one of the tools commonly used by internal line electrician, motor repair and instrument electrician. It is used by power supply workers to peel off the surface insulation layer of wire head. Wire stripper can separate the insulation from the wire and prevent electric shock.

It is widely used in construction site, workshop, home and other environment.

How to use wire stripper

The wire stripper consists of a knife edge, a thread pressing edge and a clamp handle. The handle of stripper is covered with an insulating sleeve with rated working voltage of 500V, which is suitable for peeling plastic and rubber insulated wires and cable cores. The wire stripper can be used as follows:

1. According to the cable thickness model, select the corresponding wire stripping knife edge;

2. Put the prepared cable in the middle of the blade of the stripping tool, and select the length of the wire to be stripped;

3. Hold the handle of wire stripping tool, clamp the cable, and slowly force the outer surface of the cable to peel off slowly;

4. Loosen the tool handle and take out the cable. At this time, the cable metal is exposed and the rest of the insulation plastic is intact.

In addition, pay attention to the following safety precautions when using wire stripper:

1. Please wear goggles during operation;

2. In order not to hurt people and objects around the fragment, please confirm the direction of fragment splashing before cutting;

3. Be sure to close the tip of the blade and place it in a safe place that children can’t reach.

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