Everyone has cognitive impairment


I remember reading such a piece before. Of course, I couldn’t verify the authenticity. I said that there was an emperor in the late Qing Dynasty. One day I chatted with the minister and asked the minister what you had eaten before going to court in the morning. The minister responded truthfully. After eating two chickens (that is, eggs), the emperor was surprised, so extravagant, is your salary enough? Why is the emperor so surprised, because the eunuch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the emperor reported an egg to the emperor for a few taels of silver, but in fact An egg costs a few cents. The minister knew well but was inconvenient to order. He said that we eat ordinary eggs, which are not as high-quality as the royal special offerings, so they are not that expensive.

I don’t know whether the story is true or not, but I think it’s more real than all kinds of Qing palace dramas. In fact, this situation is not uncommon. Just like Jin Huidi’s old saying, why not eat meat. Born in the courtyard of the palace, an emperor’s family, it is very common to know nothing about firewood, rice, oil and salt. A eunuch can deceive the holy. In fact, in today’s society, for the young generation of affluent or citizens of rich countries, to understand people’s lives in an era struggling with food and clothing, or people’s lives in poor countries, why not eat meat is really not a joke, it has always been there, just change it. That’s all. Including now, many young people are beginning to miss the so-called era without involution a few decades ago, and they have never starved.

There is also a similar story. It is said that after the Revolution of 1911, the banner-man aristocracy fell and needed to come out to find a living on his own. A widow of a nobleman also came out to find a way to make money to support himself. He was hungry on the street and spent some money to buy the street. I was shocked when I ate the freshly baked biscuits. It turned out that the newly baked biscuits were so crisp and delicious. They used to be bought by the servants, and every time they were eaten, they were cold and hard. Shen Gong compound talked about what you want, and you don’t have to worry about food and clothing, but it’s just far away from the smoke. It is difficult for them to understand some things that ordinary people can easily get.

The nobles don’t understand the people, and of course the people don’t understand the nobles. That’s why there are Lu Opera slogans mentioned in the cross talk, “The mothers of the East Palace bake flatbread, the mothers of the West Palace roll the green onions.” In the old society, ordinary people imagined wealthy people. Limited to this.

What I said, in fact, people of different classes, different social statuses, different regions, and even different industries will have big misunderstandings about each other. Also in different regions, things that are established by conventions in one region may be unheard of in another region. .

There is often a view that high cognition crushes low cognition, saying that if you reach a certain class and master a certain cognition, you can crush people below those classes, and you can harvest or use them at will.

But I found that it is not. There are also many cases of fraudulent harvesting of people with high education and high IQ by low education and low background people. The recent news that Ali female employees were defrauded is really not an isolated case. Many people think that these people do not know enough, but ask ourselves where we are wiser. I have made countless mistakes in the investment field. The tuition fee paid by the lack of cognition is a big number.

Now the industry knows that the so-called sinking market has great value. I said on the planet that I have no idea how to tap the sinking market. Because I haven’t lived in the countryside for a day since I was a child. Although my family was very poor when I was a child, I belonged to urban civilians. So I have no feelings about the so-called rural life, rural people, and the New Year atmosphere in the country. I have seen some readers say that now The taste of the New Year is getting weaker and weaker. Only when I was a child, it was called New Year in the countryside. I don’t like to hear that. I grew up in the city and didn’t deserve the New Year.

In addition, I also said that I have no concept of hometown. Although I was born in Tianjin, I was in Dezhou, Shandong Province before the age of 6 when I was born in Tianjin. I was a Dezhou where I was a chicken, not a Dezhou where I was a cowboy. So there is no impression before the age of 6. When the parents moved back to Tianjin after the age of 6, the business unit belonged to the Survey and Design Institute under the Ministry of Water Resources, which was also called the Ministry of Water and Electricity. They come from Dezhou, Shandong and Sanmenxia, ​​Henan. In other words, there are no native Tianjin people in the family courtyard. Of course, our ancestral home is not Tianjin, but Hebei. My grandfather moved to Tianjin before liberation, but I have never been to my hometown in Hebei. So sorry, when I was a child in Tianjin, I didn’t think I was a Tianjin native, and Tianjin people didn’t regard me as a local, but I didn’t think I was from Hebei or Shandong either. So the so-called Ye Luo return to the roots, Rong return to the hometown, I am very ashamed, I have no feeling at all.

There is no concept of homeland, no rural life experience, and the relative relationship in the city is not so deep, and there is basically no perception of this aspect. So I know that many people will use this sense of awareness to do marketing, market operations, and low prices. Cost to acquire customers, but I will not touch this, because my knowledge can not keep up.

In the past, many grassroots entrepreneurs had a true sense of perception, such as Li Xingping, who did it very successfully. Later, the elites did sinking and relied on data feedback to iterate. I admire Zhang Yiming and Huang Zheng. I can’t do it. But it is true that cross-class and cross-group cognition is where many business opportunities and personal value increase. I will bold this sentence, I hope readers will think carefully.

For example, why do I often say that technical personnel who know a little about business are very valuable? Look at the Forbes lists in China and the United States, and how many big names are programmers. The elites who understand the grassroots and the grassroots who understand the elites are also very easy to create business miracles.

For example, overseas companies who can understand overseas markets and master China’s R&D resources will have a great advantage.

When crossing different ethnic groups and strata, you will find that the very desired aspirations of group A and the things that are considered very difficult to achieve are actually very simple and easily accessible resources in group B, but group B does not know group A There is such a demand. If a person, such as a person in group A, suddenly has the opportunity to contact group B, grasp the cognition of group B, and find that there is a very simple and easy access to such resources, he turns his head when he gets the resources Come back to group A sales. This is the essential logic of many commercial success stories.

I have seen that including money-making skills, including money-making cases shared by many readers on my own planet, a very high proportion can be applied with this logic, and almost all of them are in line with it.

Many grassroots entrepreneurs are willing to spend money to read emba after they have achieved little, and try to integrate themselves into another class. There is also such a concept.

But there is a problem here. Recently, I found that many entrepreneurs, or some good grassroots entrepreneurs, have such a problem. They were born out of group A and started contacting group B. Relying on the cognition of group B, they turned their heads. The A group has solved some key demands and achieved a good commercial transformation. Isn’t this successful? Then they start to feel that the A group is too low and they don’t understand anything, what they want, reborn and become a B group A member of, but here is the problem. After they completely separated from the A group, they actually lost their value.

This is the topic we are going to talk about today. It is possible to cross-class and cross-ethnic cognition, and to make full use of it, it can have great commercial value, but if you completely abandon the cognition of a certain group and class, you think you are reborn. , In fact, you are self-defeating martial arts. Is it wrong to say that you increase your cognition and learn more? Of course it is. But what is your value? Knowing both A and B is your value. Give up A, pursue B, you are nothing.

People who counterattack at the bottom often ignore the value of the bottom cognition. When you break away from the so-called low-level taste, you may have lost a very important value resource. And there are so many such people.

There are many similar cases. China’s reform and opening up, the first batch of people who opened their eyes to see the world, understand both China and the West, it is easy to seize the opportunities of the times, seize many scarce opportunities, and accomplish a career. People gradually become middle-aged, and feel that their children receive Western education earlier, don’t they have an advantage over themselves? As a result, the problem came. The next generation of people did understand the West very well, but they did not understand China, and they lost their unique value.

Cognitive impairments are everywhere. So-called high-level people actually have many cognitive impairments. It is like saying that the students who are open all the way cannot teach the students because they cannot understand the plight and distress of the students, but instead Only those who have a cross-strat thinking from learning scum counterattack the sincere learning tyrant can provide more targeted guidance to learning scum. For example, it is very difficult for technical experts who have grown up from large companies to lead teams in early-stage startups, because it is difficult for them to understand how to make a good product when resources are extremely demanding and manpower is extremely mediocre. Just join, the masters who have grown all the way can better understand the challenges from starting a business to growing into a giant. These can be considered as cross-class cognition and have unique value.

But remember that it is your value to have the cognition of multiple classes at the same time. Don’t lose sight of one or the other. In order to pursue the so-called class rise and class integration, you will easily give up your previous cognitive ability. Recently, I discovered that many entrepreneurs are doing this kind of self-abolition of martial arts, so I wrote this article with emotion.

You must find your own unique value. No matter what class or person you are facing, you will always have an advantage in cognition in a certain segment. You find this point, and then you can learn and understand the cognition of the other class , Digging out the matching demand points is your unique value.

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