User-centric product design will succeed

Today, I was pissed off by 400 calls. Without warning and prior notice, the service was suspended due to insufficient balance. After receiving user feedback, he immediately contacted the customer’s customer service to recharge. However, the service will not be restored immediately after the top-up. It is said that the service is generally restored within 24 hours… […]

Ten good habits to inspire creativity you must know

Lasting creativity does not come from a flash of light or an afternoon of inspiration. We should regard innovation as a daily habit, just like laying a good foundation for everything. At 99U, we have summarized the common characteristics of innovators that are worth learning from many entrepreneurs, researchers, and creative workers, and help everyone cultivate: 1. […]

The essence of simplicity

The essence of “simplicity” does not lie in what elements are used, but it reduces our cognitive burden. When we say that an advertisement is well done, it does not mean that it is brilliantly literary, beautiful in pictures, and outstanding in special effects, but that it can hit the hearts of target audiences in […]

Maslow’s demand hierarchy behind product design

American psychologist Maslow once put forward the theory of human needs hierarchy. He divided human needs from low to high into five categories: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, respect needs and self-actualization needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has pointed out an effective way for us to analyze the needs behind the product. For any product […]

What is the key point in mold design?

Key points in mold design: 1 Reasonable overall mold layout, 2 parting surface selection, 3 runner arrangement, glue inlet selection, 4 ejection device, 5 water transport arrangement, 6 exhaust selection, 7 parting Pay attention to the draft angle, the extraction of the insert, the treatment of the rubbing angle, and the selection of the shrinkage […]

Automated boxing, unpacking, conveying, labeling, and palletizing product line design

3D drawings of the post-packaging production line, the production line includes automatic tray unpacking and conveying system. Automatic carton unpacking, conveying, packing, labeling and palletizing system system. The robot uses Kawasaki CP180, and the robot performs packing and palletizing actions. The design based on SolidWorks 2017, please use 2017 or above to open. The file is […]

Detailed explanation of the selection basis of solenoid valve

The selection of solenoid valve is based on the detailed explanation. The selection of solenoid valve should first follow the four principles of safety, reliability, applicability, and economy in order, and then according to the six aspects of on-site working conditions (ie pipeline parameters, fluid parameters, pressure Parameters, electrical parameters, action modes, special requirements for […]

Common sense and principles for fluid solenoid valve selection

Common sense of fluid solenoid valve selection: The selection of solenoid valves should follow the four principles of safety, applicability, reliability, and economy. 1. Security: 1. The nominal pressure of the solenoid valve should exceed the highest working pressure in the pipe. 2. Explosive environment must choose corresponding explosion-proof grade products, and waterproof and dustproof […]

Does your product need design specifications?

Not all websites or mobile applications require design specifications. Your cousin’s blog may not be necessary, and the small e-commerce website built by your neighbor to sell cat grass is not so necessary. Of course, it depends on how much he can sell and how large it can be. Usually, only those products that need to […]

How to make your product interesting?

    Earlier last year I participated in a resource sharing product. The general concept of the product is to share a certain folder on your computer, and then others can go in and check it. This is a very simple idea, and many evil products have done this before. And the product we made only made a small […]

Talking about the method of product competition analysis

In enterprises, most product managers rarely do the work of competitive product analysis in actual work. They are either done by market and operation personnel, or the product department is equipped with market research-related positions to do it on a regular basis. Recently, colleagues in the department conducted monthly competitive analysis of existing products and participated […]

Choose the right creative design principles

I am often asked how I can choose the right one from the hundreds of ideas I have obtained during the brainstorming. In addition to relying on intuition and experience, there is another way to help us decide and define design principles. Before 2007, we called these principles “design standards” until I saw the article “Popular Computing […]


Instinctive interaction design

Recently, my colleague’s grandfather passed away at the age of 80, and he gave me an Ipad. We all laughed at him for being too trendy, how could grandpa accept this high-tech thing. Unexpectedly, he said, “Grandpa just picks it up. It’s all right to play Angry Birds, Tom Cat, and listen to songs.” This is really […]

Do you really understand the real user needs?

I recently saw a joke: a rich man wants to marry a wife. There are three candidates. The rich man gave three girls 1,000 yuan each and asked them to fill the room. The first girl bought a lot of cotton to fill 1/2 of the room. The second girl bought a lot of balloons and filled […]

Four stages of design thinking formation

What kind of deep-rooted habits can the designer’s talents work together to turn the original idea into a new creation? What can business people learn from studying how designers can successfully solve problems and create innovations? At the most fundamental level, they can learn to ask questions, follow, connect and take action. With these four of the […]


Product development process

There is a process for a product from scratch, from an idea to a prototype to an online product. Whether it is products, operations, development, testing, etc., they have their own responsibilities and tasks. Many companies hope to streamline and standardize their products, hoping to follow a certain process, thinking about which position will be vacant, and […]

Epistemology of self-improvement: What is design?

First of all, I don’t expect users to understand design, but I hope that decision makers can have a certain in-depth understanding of design. So that you can better play and use its value. It is also a summary of personal further understanding of design. First, design is not art, and design must face users. Different users have […]

How to train new product designers

Regarding the newcomers who have just entered the industry, I should have brought them for the second time. In summary, there are a few points worth mentioning: 1. Don’t overtake it on your behalf Sometimes when I see the results, I really want to get into battle myself. I wasted a few days and I […]

The power of design: product, experience, strategy

Design should not only consider providing products or services, but should adopt a system-oriented thinking to better meet people’s actual needs. Design is an activity that contains elements: empathy, problem-solving, thinking and prototyping, and finding alternatives. The key elements of the product: technology, characteristics, experience. One’s experience emerges from these elements: motivation, expectation, ability, immersion, and culture. […]

Design of automatic fruit cartoning machine

In recent years, with the popularization of online shopping and the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people are buying fresh small fruits on online platforms, and the market demand is large. After the online transaction, the seller must reasonably pack the small fruits by express delivery, and avoid damage on the road. Therefore, it […]

Introduction to the structure of the never-loose nut

 It is advertised that it is the “Hard Lock nut” invented by a Japanese company. It is also controversial that it is the “eccentric self-locking nut” invented in China. Well, it doesn’t matter what its name is, or whether it is made in China or in Japan. Only by seeing the existence of this kind of […]

Quality and reliability

Quality is the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics meets the requirements, including product quality and the quality of processes and systems. The inherent characteristics of product quality include the performance characteristics, special characteristics, economy, timeliness, adaptability and so on.

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