How is 5G applied to industrial production?

5G, edge computing, cloud computing, etc. represent the IT field, while industrial automation and machine equipment are the OT field. An important feature of the development of digital enterprises in the direction of “Industry 4.0” is the combination of IT and OT. In the past industrial 3.0/3.X era, OT and IT were separated, but now digital and intelligent enterprise IT and OT need to be integrated. This is the essence.

What is IGES, STEP file – what is it used for?

What is IGES, STEP file – what is it used for? Introduction to IGES /STEP: IGES, STEP is a Cad file format that allows you to open a 3D model and edit it in any software. IGES and STEP are widely used neutral CAD formats that are accepted in all software. In IGES, the output is in the surface, while the STEP file retains the assembly hierarchy, and the output is a mixture of solids/volumes and surfaces (only solids are used in most cases).

What is a heat shrinkable tube?

What is a heat-shrinkable tube, a heat-shrinkable tube is a special material of plastic, which can shrink quickly at high temperatures. When we connect two wires. Put the heat shrink tube on the metal connection. Then use a heat gun to bake the heat shrink tube. It will shrink quickly and wrap around the metal joints, so that we don’t need to use tape to wrap it. Improve work efficiency, and the safety and reliability of the connection.

What is on-site management?

As a manager, if you always want to solve problems in private, you will be incurring dereliction of duty that cannot fulfill your mission. An important principle of public management is that managers do not do obscure work, but are sound, colored, and powerful. Only by coming out can management be effectively improved and decision-making can be implemented in place.

5 positioning technologies for robots

With the continuous improvement of sensing technology, intelligent technology and computing technology, intelligent mobile robots must be able to play the role of human in production and life. So what are the mobile robot positioning technologies mainly involved? After summarizing, mobile robots currently mainly have these 5 positioning technologies.

Intelligent driving, do you really understand it?

At present, the level of intelligent driving of various car companies is uneven.The Audi A8 claims to be able to achieve the highest level of L3 autonomous driving. Tesla said that its L2.5 level of autonomous driving is mature, and some companies abandon L3 and directly develop L4/L5 level automatic driving.

Solar desalination (distillation)

The biggest problem of desalination is that it is expensive and energy consumption is high. This scheme uses solar thermal heat-collecting technology and solar green energy, which greatly reduces the energy consumption in the desalination process and provides a basis for further reducing desalination costs. For many current desalination technologies, this new slot solar catchment desalination system scheme is mainly aimed at the use of multi-stage flash ingenuation and low temperature multi-effect desalination technology.

Why should stones be laid under the rails?

We often see a lot of smaller stones on some railway tracks. Do these stones have any effect? These stones are called “ballasts” in the industry. Ballast, sleepers, steel rails, etc. together form a rail system. These ballasts played an important role in the rail system.

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